Modeling & Simulation Professional Courses

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High Level Architecture Regular Course

Program Overview


The High Level Architecture Regular Course includes:


· Welcome, Background & Knowledge Assessment

· Topics

· HLA Concepts and Definitions

· Development of Computer Simulation Systems in HLA Framework

· HLA Evolution

· HLA Rules, Federation and Federate Rules

· Federation management

· Declaration management

· Object management

· Ownership management

· Time management

· Data distribution management

· Support services

· Declaration and Object Services

· Ownership of responsibility for modeling

· Logical time: ordering events in distributed simulation

· Federation execution lifecycle

· Data Distribution Management

· Case Studies

· PIOVRA (Polyfunctional Intelligent Operational Virtual Reality Agents) Federation

· Exercises

· YACHTS (Yet Another Cooperative High Level Architecture Training Software) Exercise

· Case study: NATO Education and Training Network Federation Agreement and FOM Design

· Technical and Scientific References

· Networking & References

· Foreground and Knowledge Assessment

· Quality Assurance


Attendees Profile

Expected Background: Fundamentals in Computer Science, Basics in Computer Use


Maximum Attendance

15 People


Duration: 3 days


At the end of the course, material and exercises (CD, file html, etc.) will be delivered.


Participants receive a Professional Certificate from the McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation based on foreground assessment.