M&S Courses Aims

The Modeling & Simulation Professional Courses are organized with scientific sponsorization of MITIM-DIPTEM University of Genoa, Simulation Team, MSC-LES and Liophant.


Attendees have the opportunity to select among different M&S courses levels (i.e. Fundamentals, Regular, Advanced  Educational Package) and categories (i.e. M&S, VV&A, PM and Interoperability).

Each M&S course includes lecturing and exercises provided by world-wide experts, with several years of experience, from major center of excellence, i.e. MITIM-DIPTEM University of Genoa, Virginian Modeling & Simulation Center (VMASC), GrVa Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro, LSIS Marseille, MAST, MSC-LES, National Center for Simulation (NSC), NASA, Riga TU, UAB,  University of Arizona, etc.


At the end of each M&S course, participants have the possibility the obtain the Professional Certificate from the McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation.


Attendance to the M&S Professional Courses will be recognized in terms of McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation Credits to attend successive M&S courses.


The M&S Professional Courses will be soon added to the NATO M&S Course Catalog.

Modeling & Simulation Professional Courses

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