Modeling & Simulation Professional Courses

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Computer Assisted Exercises and Training module

Program Overview


The Computer Assisted Exercises and Training module includes:


· Introduction on Training process and exercises

· Statistics and Probability with CAX Perspective

· Combat modeling

· Simulation (Theory)

· CAX Architectures and Process

· MEL/MIL Scripting Process (Hands on)

· MEL/MIL Scripting, Implementation and Synchronization Process (Hands on)

· Simulation and C2 stimulation tools

· CIS Infrastructure, Risks and Risk Mitigation Techniques

· Exercise Center Design Principles and Capacities


Attendees Profile

Management & Technical Profiles Expected Background: Basics in Computer Use


Maximum Attendance

15 People


Duration: 2 days


At the end of the course, material and exercises (CD, file html, etc.) will be delivered.


Participants receive a Professional Certificate from the McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation based on foreground assessment.