The ST-VP is the ultimate Port Simulator developed by Simulation Team and includes all the different crane types and New Solutions for Operator Training, Safety and Security, Procedure Definition, Equipment Design and Virtual Prototyping
    • ST-VP is fully containerized real-time distributed HLA Simulator reproducing Port Operations. ST-VP is integrated in a 40 High Cube Container ready to be used on site immediately after arrival.
    • ST-VP Simulator allows to operate all the different Equipment in a Virtual World by an immersive Cave (270 Horizontal and 150 Vertical), reproducing Sounds, Vibrations, Motion in all weather conditions
    • ST-VP includes a Full-Scope Simulation for Training Operations & Procedures, an Integrated Class Room, the Instructor Debriefing Room, and secondary Interoperable Simulators of all the Port Cranes and a Biomedical Module for Safety, Ergonomic and Posture Enhancement.
    • ST-VP World is customizable for each Port, Procedure and Equipment.
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