Simulation Team Atouts
  • Capability to have different use: Training, Testing New Solutions, Virtual Prototyping, New Procedure Design
  • Capability to fix the Simulators in Shelters inside regular 40 feet high cube containers or 20 feet high cube with capability to operate in Europe, America and overseas.
  • Immersive Environment involving Innovative Modular Caves able to be fitted in Shelters and Containers
  • Capability to integrate new real equipment and devices
  • Interactive Aula with Smart Whiteboard Fully integrated in the Simulator for dynamic teaching during training seassion
  • On-Line Action Review Concurrently with On-Goin Operations
  • Real Time Distributed Simulation
  • Fully Interoperable through HLA
  • Bio Measures integrated with the Simulator for checking Human Factors, Stress and Critical Elements
  • Scalable solution from basic framework to Full Scope
  • 3D Sounds, Vibrations and Full motions up to 6 DoF even in regular 40 fee high cube containers
  • Strong Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) by involving Final Users and Extensive Testings
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