Mobile Training
    MAST is active from long in developing Effective Design of Mobile Training Solutions based on Interoperable Simulation. Simulation have great potential in many applicative areas therefore currently there is a growing need for developing Mobile Training Simulation Solutions and there are three ways to guarantee that a learning process become mobile: operating in space, in different thematic areas and along the time.
    Mobile Training in fact requires attention on multiple aspects such as:
    • Devices & Tools: is important to assess usability, mobility and reusability
    • Trainee: trainee’s abilities, knowledge, motivations are critical
    • Social aspect: social interaction and cooperation have to be considered in reference to exchanges, learning process and knowledge management
    • Educational/Training Programs: contents of the training and educational programs should be able to be redirected on specific targets
    In order to be effective mobile training requires to be quickly re deployable. It is fundamental to approach the following issues:
  • Easy Packaging
  • Modular Configuration
  • Compact Solutions
  • Maintainable Components
  • Support for WorldWide Operations
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