RIO is an innovative solution develop in Web Framework for Operation Control in Wide Supermarket Networks RIO allows both to control store and department performances (sales, customers, goods, productivity, workload) as well as to predict their behavior for improving the performances RIO was tested on a Network of Point of Sales of the Major Italian Retailer demonstrating capability to predict sales as well as personnel workload for each single department of each store over a regional network with precision of about 10% over the next four weeks over a resolution of 15 minutes: it means that in additional to strategic support RIO is able to help store management by estimating correctly the staff and sales for a single department of a store network at the end of the month all along the day 15 by 15 minutes (i.e. 8:00am to 8:15am etc.). RIO self tunes itself for each specific case based on historical data and using simulation models and it is designed to consider critical events (i.e. competitor's activities, weather conditions) as well as specific nature of the Point of Sale (i.e. downtown, touristic locations, street mall). RIO includes services to support Regional Store Managers for Performance Improvements and Store Managers for activities related to personnel and operation planning
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