Well-ordered States and Wise Princes have taken every care not to drive the Nobles to desperation, and to keep the People satisfied and contented, for this is one of the most important objects a Prince can have
Macchiavelli, Principe XIX
IA-CGF Projects & Products
    Simulation Team has applied IA-CGF in a wide spectrum of Projects and as building blocks for several products such as:
    • RATS: HLA Modeling Agitators, Riots and Terrorists
    • IA-CGF KL: Non Conventional Framework for Simulating Natural Disaster
    • PANDORA: Modeling Pandemic impact on the Population of a Country
    • PSYSOP: Psychological and Cultural Simulation of a Town Population.
    • IA-CGF EQ: Non Conventional Framework for Population Simulation in case of Earthquake
    • IA-CGF Riots: Non Conventional Framework for Simulating War Lords, Gangs and Riots
    • Haiti Demonstration: Modeling Population Behavior, Natural Disaster, Food Distribution, Disorders and Gangs within a 2 million inhabitants town affected by the 2010 Earthquake. The Demo involved the use of IA-CGF Riots, IA-CGF EQ, JTLS, JCATS, VBS2, DI-GUI, PLEXSYS and the demonstration of HLA Federations over this case study.
    • IA-CGF Entities and Units: HLA Simulation of Entities and Units driven by IA-CGF
    • INDASTRIA: Models for Crime Organization, Population, Local and Federal Authorities and Police within a region generating Civil Disorders due to tensions among different interest groups.
    • IA-CGF UCOIN: Stochastic Simulator of Joint Operations involving UAV (i.e. Rapiers and Predators) for Counter Insurgency in coordination with other assets (i.e. ground units, attack helicopters, planes) considering caveats as well as collateral damages issues.
    • CAPRICORN: Modeling CIMIC & PSYOPS as well as other COA by Coalition Forces (i.e.Region Control) and Insurgents (Intimidation) over a Region; the models allow to estimate the interaction among population, units and group of interests. CAPRICORN results in an HLA Federation tested with IA-CGF Entities and Unitis
    • SIBILLA: Web Based Serious Game on Intelligence where IA-CGF plan, prepare and organize councurrently different terrorists attacks (i.e. cyber attacks, CBRN, etc.)
    • IA-CGF Panopea:Operations such as Piracy
    • IA-CGF CGF C4 IT: HLA Simulation of Operations (i.e. Coalition, Local Police and Local Army Activities) within a South Asia Town affected by assymetric threats considering Human Factors, C2 Maturity Models and Communication Networks. The network federated IA-CGF Entities and Units, IA-CGF C4 IT and SC Network Simulation
    • IA-CGF MIAC NCF and MIAC Configurator:Simulation of an Afghan Village and Interoperability with Other Federates representing Scenario
    • BACCUS:Simulation of Health Care evolution over the Population (i.e. Obesity Epidemics)
    • CRYSTAL: A simulation framework able to simulate Cyber Defense scenarios related to the Different Layers representing Strategic National Assets (i.e. energy, communication, finance, transportation).
    • ST_VIV: ST_VAV is a HLA Real-Time Agent Driven Simulation of Autonomous Vehicles that operates as swarms and to test Virtual Manned Drone Concept within an HLA Federation (ST_VP Federation). This Synthetic Environment supports different types of UAV (i.e. Predator, Reaper and UACV) and AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) such as sea gliders.
All the IA-CGF modules are interoperating through HLA in order to be ready for quickly becoming a federate in a large architecture.
IA-CGF UCOIN Simulating Detection and Identification of Caravans in North Africa and Drone Coordinated COIN Operations
For further information please contact ia_cgf@simulationteam.com