Well-ordered States and Wise Princes have taken every care not to drive the Nobles to desperation, and to keep the People satisfied and contented, for this is one of the most important objects a Prince can have
Macchiavelli, Principe XIX
IA-CGF Introduction
    Can you imagine what could happen if a main battle tank enters in one University Campus? Probably our students would be surprised and, may be, also alarmed if not worried although the tank has your flag and colors. And which is the impact on the population of an Afghan area if the coalition forces build a school in a village? Will that village remain neutral or even move to be friendly? Or may be that action will have a negative effect? In general sense, we would say that is very important to consider the human behavioral models and population conduct in operational analysis, planning, in evaluating a new equipment or a new procedure, obviously these are also very critical in training sessions, but how many models are available to represent and consider all this kind of “grey” factors? Mission environments evolved along the last years becoming more and more related to PMESII (Political, Military, Economic, Social and Infrastructure Information) and it is evident that the impact of the human factors is very critical for the success into operations, so it is not surprising the growth of interest about creating human behavioral models even if they are challenging. IA-CGF are the results of more than 10 years research activities developed in strong connection within “Simulation Team” (www.simulationteam.com) for the creation of a new generation of Computer Generated Forces managed by Intelligent Agents with human behavioral models and libraries.
IA-CGF simulating Population and War Lords reaction to Coalition Operational Planning within HLA JMRM Federation

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