IA-CGF Units

Intelligent Agents, Computer Generated Forces Units

    IA-CGF Units are a set of interoperable units with capability to be integrated in constructive simulation.
    • Police
    • Gangs
    • Local Population
    • Rioters
    • Insurgents
    • Terrorists
    • Local Authorities
    • Warlords
    • Criminal Organizations
    • NGOs (CIMIC ops.)
    • Civil Personnel (CIMIC ops.)
    • Domestic/National Situation (for instance for troops moral):
    • Population
    • Media
    • Lobbies
    • International Public Opinion
    • International Diplomacy
    • New Threats (i.e. 2nd Generation Terrorists)
    These are examples of non-conventional units controlled by IA (Intelligent Agents).

For further information please contact ia_cgf@simulationteam.com