MAST Products

MAST offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including aerospace, communications, construction, defense, electronics, engineering,, health care, logistics, nutrition, petrochemical, power, retail, safety and security, shipping and transportation.

MAST currently it is distributing the following products:

  • CUMANA - Cooperative/Competitive Utility for Management and Advanced Networking skill Acquisition
  • IA-CGF Units - Intelligent Agents Computer Generated Forces: Special Units
  • IA-CGF Libraries - Intelligent Agents Computer Generated Forces: Libraries with Human Behaviors
  • IA-CGF Frameworks - Intelligent Agents Computer Generated Forces: Frameworks for Unconventional Operations
  • GREENLOG - Green Logistics Simulator
  • LEXIS - Virtual Constructive Simulation for Layout Optimization
  • LAPIS - Web Solution for Service Management and Planning
  • MARLON - Maritime Logistics Network
  • SIBILLA - Simulation of an Intelligence Board for Interactive Learning and Lofty Achievements
  • ST-VP - Interoperable Real-Time Federation for Port Operations
  • ST-PT - Interoperable Real-Time Federation for Crane Operations
  • ST-RIO - Web Solution for Point of Sale Organization and Planning
  • ST-RS - Interoperable Real-Time Federation for Driving Operation
  • MAST resources was involved among the others in the development of the following Products:

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